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On-the Job Training (OJT)

Many organizations attempt to use informal on-the-job training programs as a “low-cost” means to train their employees. These programs generally involve teaming a new employee with a more experienced one to learn how to do their assigned tasks.

Unfortunately, because of the lack of structure inherent in this informal approach, these programs rarely deliver the desired results in a timely fashion. The weaknesses in these informal OJT programs include:

  • Lack of standard job and task documentation—Often these programs do not have documented procedures describing how to perform the tasks that the new employee is expected to learn.
  • Lack of training ability—Experienced employees might be great at doing a job, but not be effective at teaching others how to do it.
  • Lack of objective evaluation criteria—Training of the new employee is considered complete based on the subjective opinion of the experienced employee rather than an objective evaluation of the new employee’s skill and knowledge levels.

Improve your results with a structured approach to OJT.

GP Strategies helps you implement a structured approach to OJT. This involves working with your subject matter experts to document, in step-by-step detail, all of the tasks that new employees are expected to learn. It also includes identifying the performance standards for each task.

GP Strategies then creates OJT checklists—documents that show new employees exactly how to perform their assigned tasks. And we create job performance measures (JPMs)—documents that show experienced employees how to objectively evaluate their trainee’s mastery of the assigned task. Finally, we provide training to your experienced employees to enable them to be more effective OJT trainers.

The end result is a structured training program that enforces your standards of performance and allows new employees to become effective contributors in a fraction of the time required using an informal OJT approach.

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